The Sweetone Tinwhistle

After 150 years of production of the original Tinwhistle for the most part, the company created the sweetone in 1996.

Each whistle comes with a fingering chart and a song sheet.

Each Sweetone pouch is hand-crafted from soft black fabric with a metallic gold motif. It can be used to protect your Tinwhistle.

Sweetone Tinwhistle was the first conical bore-tin whistle to use a plastic mouthpiece. It is handmade in the U.K. from high quality raw materials. The mouthpiece is made using ABS PC blend.

Combining modern technology with traditional craftsmanship, it has a clear and precise tone that makes it an ideal tin whistle both for professionals and beginners.

Clarke’s precision-made plastic mouthpiece is featured on the Sweetone Tinwhistle. It’s easy to use and produces a crisp, clear, clean sound with good volume. You only need to blow very little air to get a beautiful tone.

It is a great instrument for both the beginner and professional musician because of its exceptional playability. The Sweetone Tinwhistle features a tapered bore. The whistle’s tapered sides have the effect of drawing the finger holes closer together, increasing the range of higher notes and accuracy.

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