Deering Sierra 19-fret Tenor Banjo

It’s true, folks! The Deering Sierra banjo is our most affordable fully professional banjo and it is also our flagship line. How can this be? Let me tell you.

Features of Deering Sierra

The Sierra’s pot assembly, the 3 ply maple rim, the –06- tone ring and the zinc flange are identical to our entire line up to the Gabriella. There are a few exceptions. Only a few exceptions to this rule are the Golden Era’s zinc flange and Hartford’s Grenadillo Wood tone ring. The Terry Baucum’s -06 tone ring is a few ounces lighter that the standard -06 tone ring. And the Tenbrooks banjos have a Swiss Jens Kruger tone.

Similarity of Invanhoe

G.D.L. G.D.L. has the exact identical pot assembly to the Sierra. The Ivanhoe has the exact the same pot assembly to the Sierra. This is a fact! The Sierra was my first introduction. I kept the cosmetics simple to keep the price down. I invested the money in the pot assembly. I wanted to build a professional banjo at an affordable price.

Its Affordable

The Sierra has been a huge success. It is not a simple project. The new technology has allowed me to make the Sierra stunningly beautiful without increasing the price. The artwork of the Boston banjo era’s masters has inspired me greatly. This inspiration has inspired me to bring art to the Sierra, something that was usually reserved for banjos much, much larger. The Sierra is an amazing piece of art and sound at a very affordable price. Sierras are our most popular model, and it is also our flagship banjo.


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