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My Reviews on some Irish Instruments

This article is a continuation of the review on an overall compilation of all my reviews regarding various Irish instruments. Many readers requested that I cover all reviews I have written about Irish instruments. This section covers most of the irish instruments.

Goodtime 17-fret Tenor Banjo

Made in America. The banjo can be tuned in 5ths, just like a cello, viola, or cello (C.G.D.A.A.A). This instrument can be used by string players as a crossover instrument. It is described by one customer as “really good instrument with a great build quality and a wonderful, loud and rich sound.”

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Howard Low D Whistle

Brian Howard, a master craftsman, created the Howard low whistle over 40 years ago. The instrument has been continually improved to provide a professional instrument of high quality and affordability. David O’Hagan’s extensive experience as a sound engineer and instrument maker has made the Howard low whistle more effective.

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Kentucky KM-1050 Master F-Model Mandolin

The Kentucky FM-1050 mandolin has been a popular choice for professional and amateur players alike. It is a beautiful instrument with impeccable styling and excellent wood selection. It recalls 1920s mandolins that are still valued today. It is flawlessly rendered in a slowly fading tobacco sunburst.

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Ome Celtic 19 Ft 12″ Openback Tenor Bajo

The Ome Celtic is a 19 Fret, 12” Openback tenor banjo, hand-built in Boulder Colorado. The 2 ply maple frame is made with high quality materials. It has rolled brass tonering and aged hardware. The hardshell case is included with the case.

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Deering Sierra 19-fret Tenor Banjo

The Sierra’s Sierra’s pot assembly and 3 ply maple-rim rim, the -06 tone ring, and the zinc flange all match our entire line-up up to the Gabriella. There are some exceptions. The exceptions are Hartford’s Grenadillo wood tone ring and the Golden Era zinc flange. Terry Baucum’s tone ring -06 is slightly lighter than the standard -06 ring. The Tenbrooks banjos feature a Swiss Jens Kluger tone.

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The Sweetone Tinwhistle

Sweetone Tinwhistle is the first conical boretin whistle to use plastic mouthpieces. It is made in the U.K. using high-quality raw materials. ABS PC blend is used to make the mouthpiece.

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